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Address: Jinkou foreign economical zone,Sanshui district,Foshan city Guangdong(518026)
Tel: +86-757-87215611
Fax: +86-757-87215609
Contact man:Mr.Kenny
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The 21st century is the century of science and technology and information-based , computer parts is so important for Information-based society.In order to do something for the society and global partners,we have invested all we can to biuld the facotry for producing computer case and power supply and other computer accessories. What happed after 11 years?

  2001 2011
Office employee(Sales) 3 50
Annual Sales $1,000,000.00 $50,000,000.00
Workers 50 1200
Production lines 2 15
Manufature squares 5000 sq.m 100000 sq.m
Cooperation countries 3 40
Kinds of Models 20 500
Thanks so much to these good partners for their supports so long time. Good company on the road is the shortest cut.

Thanks so much to our guys. What we have is just a group of very hardworking, versatile people who could do all sorts of different jobs.

Welcome to visit us anytime!

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